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API Error Codes

The Paddle APIs will return errors for invalid requests, calls missing data or internal/external errors.

API Errors

An unsuccessful call to the Dashboard API will return a 200 response containing a field success set to false. Additionally an error object will be returned, containing a code referencing the error, and a message in a human-readable format.

Error Response
1 validation

API Error Reference

A reference containing the different possible errors from the Dashboard API is included below.

Code Message
100 Unable to find requested license
101 Bad method call
102 Bad api key
103 Timestamp is too old or not valid
104 License code has already been utilized
105 License code is not active
106 Unable to find requested activation
107 You don’t have permission to access this resource
108 Unable to find requested product
109 Provided currency is not valid
110 Unable to find requested purchase
111 Invalid authentication token
112 Invalid verification token
113 Invalid padding on decrypted string
114 Invalid or duplicated affiliate
115 Invalid or missing affiliate commision
116 One or more required arguments are missing
117 Provided expiration time is incorrect
118 Price is too low
119 Unable to find requested subscription
120 Request failed due to internal error
121 Unable to find requested payment
122 Provided date is not valid
123 Unable to find requested modifier
124 Modifiers that have already been paid cannot be altered or deleted
125 Main currency price was not provided
126 A valid email address is required, please try again
127 The given coupon type is not recognised. The only valid types are flat and percentage.
128 The given percentage is not valid. The percentage must be a number less than 100.
129 The given amount is not a valid flat amount. The amount must be a number equal to or greater than 0.01.
130 The allowed uses must be a number.
131 The given coupon code is invalid. The code must have at least 5 characters.
132 The given coupon code has already been used for the product.
133 The given coupon expiration date is invalid. The expected date format is “Y-m-d”.
134 The given coupon currency is invalid. The currency must be one of the currencies of your product.
135 Unable to find requested coupon
136 Allowed uses cannot be less than times used.
137 The allowed uses must be a number greater than or equal to 0.
138 The expires at value must be either not provided or a future date in the format of Y-m-d.
139 The given prices format is not valid. The prices must have the format of [‘currency:amount’, ‘currency:amount’, …].
140 The given currency code is unknown to our checkout system.
141 Either a product ID or a plan ID should be given, not both.
142 The given recurring prices format is not valid. The recurring prices must have the format of [‘currency:amount’, ‘currency:amount’, …].
143 Recurring price is too low
144 Affiliate split sum must total less than 100%
145 Recurring affiliate split must either be not set, or set to an integer equal to or greater than 1.
146 The current invoice of this subscription is currently being processed, and cannot be updated at this time
147 We were unable to complete the resubscription because we could not charge the customer for the resubscription
148 The resubscription requires immediate billing so we cannot complete your request
149 The plan interval is invalid
150 Initial price is too low