Method Reference

Mac SDK Method Reference (version 3)

Legacy Version

V3 of the Paddle Mac SDK is a deprecated version and sellers implementing the SDK for the first time are encouraged to download and implement our latest version.

Class Method Description
Paddle - (NSNumber *)daysRemainingOnTrial; Returns the number of days remaining on a customers trial.
Paddle - (BOOL)productActivated; Returns a Bool for if the product has been activated or not.
Paddle - (void)showLicencing; Shows the licensing window. The StartLicensing should have been called first on app launch.
Paddle - (NSString *)activatedLicenceCode; Returns the License Code used for activation. Returns nil if not activated.
Paddle - (NSString *)activatedEmail; Returns the Email used for activation. Returns nil if not activated.
Paddle - (void)showActivateLicence; Shows the activate license window directly. If the product has been activated it will show a read only version of the license code used.
Paddle - (void)deactivateLicence; Will deactivate the current license. If implemented the - (void)licenceDeactivated:(BOOL)deactivated message:(NSString *)deactivateMessage; delegate method will be called afterwards.
Paddle - (void)disableTrial:(BOOL)trialSetting; Disables trials completely. If used, the app must be activated before being allowed to continue.
Paddle - (void)disableLicenseMigration; If upgrading from a pre-2.x version of the Paddle SDK, this will prevent previous licenses from being migrated.
Paddle - (void)disableTrialResetOnDeactivate; This method will stop trials starting again after a license has been deactivated.
Paddle - (void)resetTrialOnVersionUpdateForMajorOnly:(BOOL)onlyMajor; You can opt to reset customer trials when you release new versions of your app. Passing NO will reset trials for even minor app updates.
Paddle - (void)overridePrice:(NSString *)price; This method allows you to temporarily override the price of your app. Currently the price is only in USD
Paddle - (void)setPassthrough:(NSString *)passthrough; This method allows you to set a passthrough value, which will be contained in your webhook following a purchase.
Paddle - (void)setCustomProductHeading:(NSString *)productHeading; You can customize the default product heading in the licensing window using this method.
Paddle - (void)startPurchase; This method allows you to take your user directly to the purchasing window.
PaddleStoreKit - (void)recoverPurchases; You should use this method to allow customers to recover in app purchases made using PaddleStoreKit when they use a different machine than the one on which the original purchases were made.
PaddleToolKit - (void)PTKToolSubmitted:(NSString *)tool withValue:(id)value; This delegate method is called when the Rating or Happiness tools have been submitted by the user
PaddleAnalyticsKit + (void)enableTracking; If you have not used the opt-in methods, have disabled tracking and wish to enable it again you can use this method.