Decide when a tool/prompt should be shown to users.

Legacy Version

V3 of the Paddle Mac SDK is a deprecated version and sellers implementing the SDK for the first time are encouraged to download and implement our latest version.

Various Paddle tools use the Scheduler to help you easily manage when a tool should be presented to your users. Any time a tool asks you for a schedule you can pass nil which will open the tool instantly, or you can pass in a string describing your schedule. The Paddle Scheduler supports the following schedules for now:

  • x days - Launch tool ‘x’ days after first launch
  • x weeks - Launch tool ‘x’ weeks after first launch
  • x months - Launch tool ‘x’ months after first launch
  • x launches - Launch tool after ‘x’ number of app launches
  • next - Launch tool the next time an analytics event happens
//launch the requested tool after your app has been launched 20 times
...withSchedule:@"20 launches"];
//launch the requested tool the next time the `game_end` event happens
...withSchedule:@"next game_end"];
//launch the requested tool two weeks after your app was run for the first time
...withSchedule:@"2 weeks"];

Default Analytics Events

Event Description / When It Happens
Update Every time the version number of your app is increased
Licensing.Activate.Success When your app has been successfully activated
Licensing.Activate.Failure When your app has failed to activate successfully
Licensing.TrialWindow Whenever the trial window is displayed
Licensing.Button.Continue Whenever your user continues a trial of your app