Apple Pay

Enable Apple Pay with the click of a button and make it easier for half a billion people to pay.

Half a billion people on the Apple ecosystem use Apple Pay to quickly pay for products online or in-app. Customers can use Face or Touch ID to confirm a payment instead of re-entering card or customer details. If your customers are paying with an iPhone, iPad or Mac, turn on Apple Pay with the click of a button in Paddle to make it easier for them.

In many cases it’s a no-brainer to support Apple Pay, such as when selling Mac products or targeting markets with high Apple device penetration.

Category Wallet
Currencies All
Customer Countries All
Instant / delayed payment Instant
Interaction type Direct
Recurring No
Refunds Yes
Chargebacks Yes
Restrictions Safari only

Apple Pay can be enabled from Checkout Settings in your Paddle Dashboard. Once turned on for your account, the Apple Pay option will only appear in the Checkout for one-time payment products to customers using the Safari browser, on a HTTPS page, with Apple Pay set up on their device.