PayPal is used by more than 400 million consumers worldwide. Accept PayPal payments with Paddle, without needing to provide your own PayPal account.

Paddle offers PayPal without the need to set up anything, or bring your own separate PayPal account. Simply enable the option and it appears for customers in the checkout. This also means that Paddle handles all the account management that would ordinarily come with maintaining a PayPal Account.

This option is especially important when selling into large markets where PayPal has a high proportion of usage. One example is in Germany where digital wallets - mainly PayPal - are the most used online payment method.

Category Wallet
Currencies All except HUF, KRW, ARS, TWD, INR, TRY, UAH
Customer Countries All
Instant / delayed payment Instant
Interaction type Redirect
Recurring Yes
Refunds Yes
Chargebacks Yes
Restrictions None

You can enable PayPal as a payment method by ticking the box in Checkout Settings from your Paddle dashboard. You do not need to provide your own PayPal account; Paddle's PayPal account is used.

It will then appear on every checkout as an option on the payment method selection stage.