Checkout Events

As a part of the Paddle.Setup() call, you can pass an eventCallback parameter. This function is called for every Paddle checkout event, allowing you trigger behaviors based on user interactions with Paddle.

Unlike the Success and Close checkout parameter callbacks, the eventCallback is non-blocking and will fire in the background, allowing Paddle.js and the checkout to continue with its typical functionality.

Event TypeDescription
Checkout.LoadedCheckout has been initialized on the page
Checkout.CloseCheckout has been closed on the page. This is equivalent to when the "closeCallback" checkout parameter is fired here.
Checkout.CompleteCheckout has been completed successfully. This is equivalent to when the "successCallback" checkout parameter is fired here.
Checkout.User.SubscribedUser has opted into/out of marketing emails in the checkout
Checkout.Quantity.ChangeUser has changed the quantity in the checkout
Checkout.LoginUser has proceeded past the email checkout step
Checkout.LogoutUser selected 'Not you? Change' in bottom right of checkout
Checkout.PaymentMethodSelectedPayment method has been selected
Checkout.Coupon.AddUser clicked 'Add Coupon'
Checkout.Coupon.SubmitUser has submitted a coupon
Checkout.Coupon.CancelUser has cancelled the coupon page
Checkout.Coupon.AppliedValid coupon applied to purchase
Checkout.Coupon.RemoveCoupon has been removed
Checkout.ErrorAny generic checkout error, like an invalid VAT number or payment failure
Checkout.Location.SubmitUser proceeded past the location page
Checkout.Language.ChangeLanguage has been changed in the bottom right
Checkout.Vat.AddUser clicked 'Add VAT Number'
Checkout.Vat.CancelVAT screen cancelled
Checkout.Vat.SubmitVAT number was submitted
Checkout.Vat.AppliedVAT number was accepted and applied
Checkout.Vat.RemoveVAT number was removed
Checkout.WireTransfer.CompleteWire transfer details have been completed
Checkout.PaymentCompletePayment has been completed successfully.

Check if the payment has been flagged for manual fraud review in the eventData.flagged property, which returns a boolean value of true or false
Checkout.PaymentMethodChangeUser has selected "Change Payment Method" when on the payment screen
Checkout.WireTransfer.PaymentMethodChangeUser has selected "Change Payment Method" when on the Wire Transfer screen