Payment Methods

Paddle has a range of payment methods that customers can use to purchase. All of these methods can be enabled with the click of a button, with no need to set up merchant accounts, integrate new processors, or handle tax compliance or currencies.

Alipay Apple Pay Cards Google Pay iDEAL PayPal Wire Transfers
Category Wallet Wallet Cards Wallet Banking Wallet Manual
Currencies `CNY` All All All `EUR` All currencies but HUF, KRW, ARS, TWD, INR, TRY, UAH `EUR`, `GBP`, `USD`
Customer Countries `CN` All All All `NL` All All
Instant / delayed Instant Instant Instant Instant Instant Instant Delayed
Interaction Redirect Direct Direct Direct Redirect Redirect Manual
Recurring No No Yes No No Yes No
Refunds Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Chargebacks No Yes Yes Yes No Yes No
Restrictions Early Access Safari only No Chrome, all platforms No No No