Subscription Status Reference

With subscription API and Webhook/ Event calls, we send a status field that indicates the current subscription status of a user. Below you’ll find a reference of these possible statuses and how to deal with each of them.

activeIndicates an active subscription, payments are up-to-date. You should give the user full access to their chosen plan.
trialingIndicates the user is in a ‘trial’ state. Dependant on how you’re using trials, you should treat the user differently. The state will change to active once the users first recurring payment is successfully completed.
past_dueIndicates we have tried a payment for this user and it has failed, we are retrying the payment according to your retry rules. After a few more payment attempts this will either change to active, paused or deleted dependant on your preferences. You should decide how your wish to treat users in this state.
pausedIndicates that this subscription has been paused. The customer will not be charged for the next or subsequent payments which are due on their subscription. The state will change to active once the subscription is restarted (doing so will restart the billing cycle from that date and will be billed immediately for the first payment of the billing cycle). Allowing customers to enter a paused state rather than cancelling their subscription allows you to engage with them and try to get them back as fully paid up customers.
deletedIndicates that this subscription has been cancelled. You should treat this user as ‘cancelled’ unless they re-subscribe.