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Sign up for an account
You'll need a verified account to transact with Paddle. The sign up process is quick, easy and commitment-free and you can use a sandbox account for testing.
Sell subscriptions
Learn how to manage your subscription product catalog if you're selling software for a recurring fee.
Sell one-time products
If you’re selling digital products that customers purchase and pay for once, learn how to manage and fulfill a new one-time product.
Connect a checkout
A smooth, optimized checkout experience is vital for any integration. Start with a simple Paddle overlay checkout here, then move on to a highly customized inline checkout if needed.


Working with the Paddle sandbox
Experiment with your integration in the safety of your own testing Sandbox, away from Production! Check this guide for special considerations to keep in mind when you’re working in this environment.
Working with Paddle webhooks
Webhooks ensure that your platform stays in sync with Paddle - learn how you enable and test Paddle's webhooks with your integration
Getting Started with subscriptions
If you’re new to subscriptions, try this guide for an introduction to some of the key concepts that you’re likely to encounter as you get to work with Paddle.