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About selling subscriptions with Paddle

Subscriptions enable you to provide access to a product or service for a regular, recurring fee.

Paddle takes care of subscription management while ensuring that subscriptions are tax compliant, protected against fraud, and optimized for global payments.

In Paddle, subscription plans are created and managed in your Paddle catalog.

Create a subscription planSelling subscriptions
About Paddle subscriptionsIf you're new to Paddle subscriptions, this general introduction is a great place to start!
The subscription lifecycleUnderstanding the lifecycle of a subscription is key to any subscription management strategy.
Supported subscription modelsHave you decided what subscription model you'll be using?
Taxable categoriesLearn more about taxable categories in Paddle.
Subscription alertsKeep your platform in sync and manage access with subscription webhooks.
Subscription API endpointsTake a deep dive into the Paddle API to find out how to integrate Paddle subscription functionality with your platform.