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Create a subscription plan

Steps below guide you through creating a subscription plan with a defined billing interval for recurring payments and localized pricing.

Before starting steps on this page, you must have completed the following tasks:

Create a Paddle vendor accountYour Paddle account
Create a Paddle sandboxYour Paddle account

Follow steps below:

  1. If you aren't there already, log into your Paddle sandbox.
  2. From the left-hand navigation menu, select Catalog and then Subscription Plans:
  3. Click the New Plan button:
  4. Complete details for your new subscription plan:

    See notes below for guidance (you can also hover your cursor over tooltips for each field):

    Plan NameEnter the name by which this plan will be known throughout Paddle.
    Taxable CategorySelect Standard Digital Goods. Additional options can be requested later if you find that the Standard Digital Goods category does not meet your ongoing needs.
    Product IconUpload an icon to be displayed in any checkout for this product.
    Billing IntervalUse the dropdown list to select the frequency for recurring billing. You can choose from predefined periods (e.g. monthly) or define a custom interval.
    Trial PeriodIf you'd like to provide a free trial, enter the required number of days here. When a customer purchases this plan, payment details are required for verification, but billing does not take place until the trial ends (assuming the subscription is not canceled during the trial period).
    Enable QuantitySelect this option to add a quantity field to the Paddle checkout when a customer purchases this plan (so customers can buy multiple plans in one transaction).
    Subscription Plan PricingUse this section to:
    • Select all currencies that you wish to allow.
    • Choose which currency to use as the default for pricing. The default price is used to auto calculate the price for other selected currencies based on the current exchange rate. Alternatively, you can edit any price to set a static value.
  5. Click the Save Plan button to confirm details.
Connect a Paddle checkoutThe Paddle checkout
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