Supported Currencies

The following currencies are supported in the Paddle checkout and APIs. Note that all supported currencies accept card payments:

Currency Code Currency Name PayPal Wire Transfers
USD US Dollar Yes Yes
EUR Euro Yes Yes
GBP Pound Sterling Yes Yes
ARS Argentine Peso No No
AUD Australian Dollar Yes No
CAD Canadian Dollar Yes No
CHF Swiss Franc Yes No
CZK Czech Koruna Yes No
DKK Danish Krone Yes No
HKD Hong Kong Dollar Yes No
HUF Hungarian Forint No No
INR Indian Rupee No No
ILS Israeli Shekel Yes No
JPY Japanese Yen Yes No
KRW South Korean Won No No
MXN Mexican Peso Yes No
NOK Norwegian Krone Yes No
NZD New Zealand Dollar Yes No
PLN Polish Zloty Yes No
RUB Russian Ruble Yes No
SEK Swedish Krona Yes No
SGD Singapore Dollar Yes No
THB Thai Baht Yes No
TRY Turkish Lira No No
TWD New Taiwan Dollar No No
UAH Ukrainian Hryvnia No No

Synthetic Currencies

Synthetic currencies are displayed to the buyer at checkout in order to allow the buyer to see the order value in their local currency and thus improve conversion, however the buyer will be charged in the price of your account’s balance currency when completing the transaction:

Currency Code Currency Name PayPal Wire Transfers
BRL Brazilian Real Yes No
CNY Chinese Yuan Yes No
ZAR South African Rand Yes No