Support removed for Windows SDK

Please note that the Windows SDK is no longer supported. It will remain accessible, though please use it with caution. Find more information about our decision and a migration guide here.

Trial Access (Windows)

Allow Paddle to manage a free trial of your app before asking users to purchase

A common way to let users try out your app before buying is offering a trial period.

Trial lengths for a Paddle SDK product can be set either in the product settings in the seller dashboard or in the product config in your SDK implementation. Note that remote settings will override a local config if both are set.

// The default product config to honor, including a 7 day trial
PaddleProductConfig productConfig = new PaddleProductConfig
    ProductName = "My Product With Trial",
    VendorName = "My Company",
    TrialLength = 7

// Create the Product we want to work with
PaddleProduct product = PaddleProduct.CreateProduct(ProductId,

// Remote trial values will supersede local, i.e. if the trial length has 
// been updated to 8 days, then the trial will be 8 days and not the 7 we set above
product.Refresh((success) =>
    if (success)

Resetting and Expiring Trials

Active app trials can be reset programatically by calling the ResetTrial method of PaddleProduct, or expired by calling ExpireTrial.

You may wish to reset or expire trials on a product version update.