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Add a Paddle button to your web page

The simplest way to trigger the Paddle checkout is to add a Paddle button to your web page, using the paddle_button class.

Here, you will add a Paddle button to your store web page and associate it with the unique ID for a one-time product or a subscription plan in your Paddle catalog.

Before starting steps on this page, you must have completed the following tasks:

Create a Paddle vendor accountYour Paddle account
Create a Paddle sandboxYour Paddle account
Create a subscription plan -or- create a one-time productPaddle catalog
Gather checkout detailsThe Paddle checkout
Import the Paddle JS libraryThe Paddle checkout

Follow steps below:

  1. Add the code snippet below to the appropriate place in your test store web page:

    ...for example:

  2. Change the data-product value to a Product ID or Plan ID, as noted previously.
  3. Save your web page file.
  4. Launch the web page in your browser - you should see a green Paddle button as per the example below:
  5. Keep this browser page open and go to the next steps.
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