Paddle Audience

Audience allows you to collect email opt-in’s and signups on your website into the ‘Audience’ list within your Paddle dashboard. By default, we populate your Audience list with users who have opted-in through your checkout, but you can also enrich this list by allowing users to opt-in using the Audience popup, or by manually syncing your signups into the Audience list.

Behind the scenes we’re creating rich customer profiles detailing customer information, marketing preferences, purchase history and lifetime value for you to use in marketing and messaging efforts in the future.

For GDPR compliance reason, users are only added into your Audience list if they have actively opted-in to marketing emails by ticking the checkbox indicated below.

This feature can be disabled in your Checkout Settings page should you not wish to collect this information.

In order for the Audience Popup to be GDPR compliant, your company name must be included in the opt-in message. To do this, you must add a vendorName parameter to the function initializing the popup. Not adding vendorName will prevent the audience popup to display.

Automatically display a prompt asking a user for their email address when their mouse exits the page, indicating they’re about to navigate away.


Display a popup/prompt for a user to signup to your Audience after a defined amount of time.

For timed popups, the timed parameter should be set to an integer indicating the number of seconds until the popup should be shown. In the example, timed is set to 60 indicating the popup will trigger after 1 minute on the page.


Automatically prompt the user for their email address as they navigate your page and scroll past a certain number of pixels.

For scroll-depth popups, the scrollDepth parameter should be set to an integer indicating the vertical scroll depth in pixels that this popup should trigger at. In the example, scrollDepth is set to 350 meaning the popup will trigger once the user scrolls 350 pixels down the page.


Paddle Audience within Paddle.js will automatically ignore users who have previously completed, or dismissed a previous Audience prompt, regardless of the trigger for the prompt. When testing, clearing your cookies will reset this, allowing you to refine your prompts.

Additionally, the Audience API will automatically de-duplicate Audience members, maintaining a single record for each user, and returning a consistent Audience ID for API calls containing the same email.

Call the Paddle.js method Paddle.Audience.subscribe()to add a user to your audience. The subscribe() function accepts three arguments, email (the email address of the user), marketingConsent (default false), and a callback which will indicate success/failure.

Please note that you must collect consent on a GDPR compliant way and only then set marketingConsent to true.


When specifying a callback, the response object will be in the following format:

In addition to using Paddle.js, you can call the API directly or from your back-end application.


Method: GET

Accepted Parameters:

  • email - User email address.
  • marketing_consent - User’s marketing consent. (1 or 0)
  • callback - JSONP callback function name.

On success the API will return the field user_id containing the ID of the Audience member.