Overlay Checkout

The quickest way to implement is by using our Overlay Checkout. This is an iframe that is displayed over your own webpage when the checkout is triggered. The checkout is customized with your product logo and brand color, and the user experience is optimized by us for maximum conversion.

Paddle overlay checkout with a $10 sample transaction and options to pay using PayPal, Google Pay, or card

If you prefer not to use the Overlay Checkout, you can alternatively use the Inline Checkout (embedded in your page).

The paddle.js library can be imported by linking to Paddle’s CDN resource. Following the inclusion of the library, you must call the Paddle.Setup() method with your Paddle Vendor ID.


You can make any clickable element on your page into a buy button, either by adding the paddle_button class or by calling the Paddle.checkout.open() method on a click event. Using a Paddle Button is the simplest way to trigger the checkout.

By default, the buy button will be styled green. You can disable the styling by adding the property data-theme with the value none.

Invoking the checkout with a JavaScript click event makes it easier to flexibly and dynamically add custom parameters to a checkout: