Create a One-Time Product

You can set up a new product in the Seller Dashboard in a matter of minutes. We support a wide range of fulfillment methods and pricing options. Follow the 8 steps below to set up a simple downloadable product that doesn’t require a software license: ​

Creating Products

  1. In the Dashboard, click “Catalog” and then “Products”
  2. Click on “New Product”
  3. Type in a name for your product
  4. Select a Fulfillment Method from the dropdown menu, if in doubt select “Download” or read more about your options
  5. Upload a product icon and click “Continue”
  1. Either upload a product as a downloadable file, or specify a link to a landing page where the product can be downloaded
  2. Set the prices for your product in any currencies you wish to support
  3. Click Release!

Congratulations, you’ve created your first product!