Create a One-Time Product

You can set up a new product in your dashboard within a matter of minutes. We support a wide range of fulfillment methods and pricing options. Follow the steps below to set up a product:

Creating Products

  • In your Dashboard, click “Catalog” and then “Products”
  • Click on “New Product”
  • Provide a name for your product
  • Select the relevant taxable category - click here to learn more. Note that only “Standard Digital Goods” will show as an option by default - other taxable categories can be requested in the Taxable Categories page once you have created at least one product/plan.
  • Select the fulfillment method you would like to use for your product - click here to learn more. If “Paddle License” is chosen, you can configure the default number of activations allowed per license, whether the license expires, and free trial periods in the SDK.
  • Upload a product icon, which will be displayed in the checkout, and click “Continue”
Product Setup Page
Product Setup Page

Releasing Products

Depending on the Fulfillment Method you have chosen to use, click on the relevant tab below:

  • Upload your product or provide a URL where it can be downloaded. This link will be included in the fulfillment email sent to buyers.
  • Set the price in any currency you wish to support. You may also enable additional currencies - this can be set to track the value of your default currency according to the exchange rate, or you can “override” and set a specific amount for each currency.
  • Optionally, add instructions to include within the fulfillment email, and specify the Thank You page URL to send your buyers to after they complete the checkout.
  • Release the product