License Activation (Mac)

The Paddle Mac SDK has a flexible licensing implementation that allows you to use our full solution, just our platform for issuing and validation, or roll your own entirely.

The SDK provides a standard access dialog, which can be invoked whenever the app is found in an unlicensed state:

The product access dialog is triggered by calling the showProductAccessDialogWithProduct method. See example below:

If you want to direct your users straight to the license activation dialogue instead, you can do so by calling the activation Dialog:

The activation dialog is triggered by calling the showLicenseActivationDialogForProduct method. See example below:

If you’re making use of our licensing but want to use your own UI, you can make the activation call manually and handle the result as follows:

License custom path allows you to choose where you want the license to be stored.

customStoragePath is a delegate method that has been introduced in v4.0.13 that allows you to choose where the user license should be stored. E.g., if you would like the license to be accessible for all users on a certain machine you would store the license at /Users/Shared.

Set delegate to self :

Add the customStoragePath delegate method:

When activating a product you can optionally use an alternative method, which provides further details in the completion block. These details include the usage values of the license being activated.

  • allowed_uses total number of allowed activations
  • times_used number of times the license has been activated

Note: This method has been introduced in v4.3