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Overriding Checkout Prices

It may be useful to override the price of the checkout in order to build custom checkout experiences rather than using a coupon or other method.

You can do this by generating a unique checkout URL using the Pay Link API and passing in prices to override the initial checkout price or recurring_prices if you wish to override a subscription’s subsequent recurring payment amount. Pay Link checkouts can be based on an existing product or subscription plan (in which case they will inherit certain properties of that product - unless you override them) or can be completely custom, and not based on any existing product. See the examples below for usage of these parameters.

The generated checkout URL can be displayed as an overlay with Paddle.js using the override parameter.

This can be done either with a Paddle checkout button:

<a href="#!" class="paddle_button" data-override="">Buy Now!</a>

or as a Javascript call like below:{
	override: ''

See our API documentation for more details on the Pay Link API.