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Cancel & Pause Subscriptions

You can cancel or temporarily pause a user’s subscription manually in your Paddle dashboard or by using our APIs to enable your users to cancel or pause in one click.

Cancel / Pause via Dashboard

It’s often useful to be able to manually cancel or pause a customer’s subscription. To cancel or pause a user’s subscription, go to your Paddle Dashboard > Customers > Subscribers. Here you can search for the specific subsciption by the email, plan ID or subscription ID. Once you have found the subscription, click “View” then select “Pause Subscription” or “Cancel Subscription” under the Subscription section.

If Pause Subscription is selected, the Payment Status section will display the date when the subscription was requested to be paused under “Date Subscription Paused”, and the date on which the “Subscription Status” will be marked as “Paused” under “Date Payment Paused”.

Cancel / Pause via API

Allowing users to cancel or pause their subscription is an important part of subscription lifecycle management. With Paddle you can allow your self-serve users to cancel or pause in one click using our APIs.

In order to allow your users to make subscription changes, we recommend that you first create a user/account managment area on your website or app. Here you can display the current plan the user is subscribed to and options for canceling or pausing.

You can pause a subscription by using our Update User API. In the pause parameter, you will set this to true to pause a subscription, or false to restart the subscription. Remember to pass this along with the subscription ID and authentication parameters.

To cancel a subscription, pass in the subscription ID and authentication parameters to our Cancel User API.

See our API documentation for more details on the Cancel User API and Update User API.

Cancel Subscription URL

In addition the Dashboard and API, Paddle provides a simple subscription cancel dialog that you can redirect customers to cancel their subscription.

When a subscription is created or updated, Paddle provides a cancel URL in the Subscription Created or Subscription Updated webhook as the cancel_url POST field. The cancel URLs are unique to each customer.

The URLs change when the customer subscription is modified/updated, so make sure you subscribe to the Subscription Updated webhooks to receive the updated links.

If you are not storing the URLs at the time you receive the subscription created/updated webhook, you can access the cancel URL by calling the List Users API.

Opening Cancel Pages as an Overlay

The subscription cancel dialog can also be opened with Paddle.js, as an overlay on your site in the same format as the checkout.

Both Paddle.js buttons and Javascript methods support the cancel page. Each take an override parameter that accepts the full cancel_url sent by Paddle.

<a href="#!" class="paddle_button" data-override="">Cancel Subscription</a>

You can additionally redirect the user to a specified URL, or perform other Javascript action once they have successfully canceled their subscription by passing in the success or success callback parameter respectively.

<a href="#!" class="paddle_button" data-override="" data-success="">Cancel Subscription</a>