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Update Payment Details

Paddle provides a unique update URL for each of your subscribers, which allows them to update the payment method via associated with their subscription.

Update Payment Details URL

When a subscription is created or updated, Paddle provides an update URL in the Subscription Created or Subscription Updated webhook as the update_url POST field. This URL links to a simple card update page that you can redirect customers to update their card/ billing information. The update URLs are unique to each customer.

The Update URL changes when a customer’s subscription is modified/updated, so make sure you subscribe to the Subscription Updated webhooks as they contain the updated links.

If you are not storing the URLs at the time you receive the subscription created/updated webhook, you can access the update URL by calling the List Users API.

Opening Update Page as an Overlay

The subscription update dialog can also be opened with Paddle.js, as an overlay on your site in the same format as the checkout.

Both Paddle.js buttons and Javascript methods support the update page. Each take an override parameter that accepts the full update_url sent by Paddle.

<a href="#!" class="paddle_button" data-override="">Update Payment Information</a>

You can additionally redirect the user to a specified URL, or perform other Javascript action once they have successfully updated their subscription by passing in the success or success callback parameter respectively.

<a href="#!" class="paddle_button" data-override="" data-success="">Update Payment Information</a>