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Paddle.js has built-in download functionality, so you can build your customer base while offering website downloads.

When enabled, Paddle.js is able to do prompt for an Email Signup/Audience Subscription in order to initiate the download. This allows you to build up your customer marketing base while offering downloads on your website.

Download Button

Creating a Download button is simple. Any HTML element can be a download button (though we recommend a link, or button tag). The link/button must have the CSS class paddle_download applied, and a download URL specified with data-download-url. In order for the Download Prompt to be GDPR compliant, your company name must be included in the opt-in message. To do this, you must add the data-vendor-name attribute to the download button. Failure to do this will result in no marketing consent being gathered for users submitting the form.

<button class="paddle_download" data-download-url="" data-vendor-name="My Vendor Name">Download</button>

By default, Paddle.js will prompt the user to enter their email address to proceed to the download, for example:

To disable the download prompt (and simply forward users directly to the download URL) specify data-download-prompt="false" on the link/button.

The title, subtitle and call-to-action text are all customizable by adding the relevant attributes to the link/button:

  • data-download-heading - Updates the title, default: “Enter your email to download!”
  • data-download-subheading - Updates the subtitle, default: “Enter your email address to begin the download.”
  • data-download-cta - Updates the button/CTA text, default: “Download!”