Wire Transfers

Let customers pay with wire transfers, without worrying about banking infrastructure or reconciliation.

Some customers, especially businesses, prefer to pay by wire transfer. But that can mean setting up differet bank accounts around the world. Plus, reconciling the payments can be manual, time consuming work.

With Paddle, customers pay into our bank accounts and our Finance team do all the reconciliation. Which means you simply get paid out by us.

Category Manual
Currencies EUR, GBP, USD
Customer Countries All
Instant / delayed payment Delayed
Interaction type Manual
Recurring No
Refunds Yes
Chargebacks No
Restrictions None

There are two forms of wire transfers with Paddle. One option is to go to Checkout Settings and enable 'Wire Transfers' for your checkout. This lets customers request bank details in a self-serve process from your embedded Paddle Checkout.

The other option is to issue invoices through Paddle's invoicing product, in Early Access. Read more here, and contact us, if you want to take part in the Early Access period.