License Verification (Mac)

Check active licenses are still valid

When working with licensing we recommend that you periodically verify activated licenses with our platform, to confirm that they are still active and valid.

Check License Validity

Verify a license’s activation state as follows:

if (paddleProduct.activated) {
	[paddleProduct verifyActivationWithCompletion:^(PADVerificationState state, NSError * _Nullable error) {
		// Examine the verification state to determine the result of the verification attempt
Catalina Compatibility

To maintain license activation state between Mojave and Catalina you should implement Paddle SDK v4.0.13 or above and re-run the verification step on first launch. Read more here.

Verification Frequency

The frequency that you verify license activation state should take into consideration:

  • How often your users start or restart your app
  • How likely users are to be online or offline
  • The financial or technical impact of allowing users to continue to use an app in without a verified license

The properties lastVerifyDate and lastSuccessfulVerifiedDate of the Paddle Product object are updated each time a verification call is attempted, which can be useful for you to manage your verification regime.