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Paddle Billing

Filter and sort

Use query parameters to filter and sort the data returned by Paddle.

Most list endpoints let you filter and sort the data returned by the Paddle API.


You can filter returned results using query parameters.

For example, use the tax_category query parameter to filter products by tax category:

Check the API reference for a specific endpoint to learn more about the parameters available for filtering.


You can sort returned results using the order_by parameter, followed by a field and direction:

  • [ASC] to sort in ascending order
  • [DESC] to sort in descending order

For example, to sort returned customers by name in alphabetical order:

You can sort by multiple values by joining them with a comma. For example:

The Paddle API parses sort options first to last (left to right).


The list customer operation includes a search parameter that lets you search using a string. Paddle looks for the search query in the name and email fields against customer entities.

For example, to return customers with a name or email address that contains paddle:

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