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Paddle Billing

Developer changelog

Track changes to the Paddle platform, including the Paddle API and Paddle.js.

September 2023

Sep 22, 2023

Create prices, discounts, transactions, and subscriptions in Colombian Peso. COP is a new allowed value for currency_code for payments.

Sep 21, 2023

Include an object of custom_data with requests when creating or updating customers, addresses, and businesses to store your own arbitrary key-value data.

Sep 20, 2023

Subscribe to the new transaction.paid event to get notified when a transaction is paid but not yet fully processed. transaction.completed now include details of the related subscription and invoice number.

Sep 15, 2023

List credit balances for a customer using the new /customers/{customer_id}/credit-balances endpoint to see how much credit a customer has to use, and how much credit they've previously used.

Sep 13, 2023

Send a request to the /subscriptions/{subscription_id}/activate endpoint to immediately activate a trialing subscription.

Sep 13, 2023

Add or remove recurring items, change quantities, bill for one-time charges, and change the next billing date for subscriptions in trial.

Sep 8, 2023

Subscribe to notifications for payouts for Paddle to get notified when payouts are initiated (payout.created) and when they're paid (payout.paid.)

Sep 8, 2023

Subscribe to notifications for discount events to get notified when discounts are created (discount.created) and when they're updated (discount.updated.)

August 2023

Aug 22, 2023

Check the new update_summary object returned when previewing an update to a subscription or billing for a one-time charge to get an overview of any prorated credits and charges created as a result of the change.

July 2023

Jul 20, 2023

Present charge totals to a customer before billing a one-time charge to a subscription using the new /subscriptions/{id}/charge/preview endpoint.

Jul 18, 2023

Get localized prices for a country, including taxes and discount calculation using the new /price-preview endpoint. Paddle returns formatted prices, including currency symbol, so you can pass straight to your frontend.

Jul 10, 2023

Use the new subscription_charge allowed value for the origin field against a transaction to more easily determine why a transaction was created for a subscription.

June 2023

Jun 29, 2023

Use the new /subscriptions/{subscription_id}/update-payment-method-transaction endpoint to get a transaction that you can pass to Paddle.js to let customers update their payment details.

Jun 28, 2023

Filter to see recurring or one-time prices when using the list prices operation with the recurring query parameter.

Jun 23, 2023

See how transaction totals and payout totals look after adjustments using the transaction.details.adjusted_totals and transaction.details.adjusted_payout_totals.

Jun 23, 2023

Use the adjustments_totals include parameter to return a total for all the adjustments against a transaction, including a breakdown by adjustment action.

Jun 20, 2023

Resend a notification that's delivered or failed using the new /notifications/{notification_id}/replay endpoint.

Jun 15, 2023

Find all notifications that relate to a customer, subscription, or transaction entity using the new filter query parameter. Plus, filter notifications by date period using the from and to parameters.

Jun 13, 2023

We added a new discountCode parameter and data-discount-code HTML data attribute to Paddle.js to let you pass a discount code when opening a checkout.

Jun 5, 2023

Get the amount that a customer has to pay more easily using the new transaction.details.totals.grand_total field against totals for a transaction. It's especially useful for completed transactions.