Paddle Billing

Python SDK now available

Use our Python SDK to streamline integrating with Paddle Billing. Fully-featured from webhook verification to every API operation. Available now on GitHub.

What's new?

We took over stewardship for the community-contributed Python SDK for Paddle Billing. It's now an official Paddle Billing SDK, available on our GitHub account.

How it works

SDKs make it easier to work with the Paddle Billing platform. They reduce the amount of boilerplate code you need to write and include helper functions to make it quicker and easier to integrate Paddle Billing.

Python is one of the most popular programming languages in the world. Previously, @Invincibear released a Python SDK (paddle-billing-python-sdk) that we know some folks were using.

To complement our PHP and Node.js SDKs, we recently took over stewardship for the paddle-billing-python-sdk project. Our team of Python Paddlers and security experts have reviewed the code, and today we're releasing it as an official Paddle Billing SDK. It's now available at @PaddleHQ/paddle-python-sdk.

Key features

  • Available on PyPI for install using the pip package manager.
  • Fully feature complete with the Paddle API.
  • Includes helper functions to help you verify webhook signatures.
  • Released under the Apache 2.0 licence, so anyone in the Paddle community can contribute.


This example shows initializing a new Paddle client with an API key and iterating through products.

For more examples, see @PaddleHQ/paddle-python-sdk on GitHub.

Next steps

This change is available now.

There are no changes to endpoints or fields in the API as a result of this change.

New to our SDKs?

Install using pip:

Go to our SDKs and tools page to learn more.

Previously used the paddle-billing-python-sdk package

First, uninstall the previous package using:

Then, install the new version using:

If you specified paddle-billing-python-sdk as a dependency, update your requirements.txt file to use paddle-python-sdk.

You may need to make changes to your integration to use the latest version. We maintain a summary of changes and information on how to upgrade in the file at the root of the repo.

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