Paddle Billing

More flexibility for working with Cancellation Flows using Paddle.js

Use Cancellation Flows where you haven't passed a customer to Paddle Retain.

What's new?

We updated Cancellation Flows for Paddle Billing so that you can launch them even when you haven't passed pwCustomer as part of initialization.

How it works

Retain Cancellation Flows presents customers with a simple survey that suggests dynamic salvage attempts — like pausing a subscription or switching plan — as well as gathering useful insights around why they want to cancel. In our testing, we found that it automatically reduced churn through cancellations by up to 30%.

To start a cancellation flow, you can use the Paddle.Retain.initCancellationFlow() method in Paddle.js.

Previously, this method required you to pass pwCustomer to Paddle.Initialize() or Paddle.Update().

With this update, you can use Paddle.Retain.initCancellationFlow() in cases where you haven't passed pwCustomer. Paddle Retain infers the customer from the subscriptionId passed and presents a cancellation flow.

Next steps

This change is live in Paddle.js now. You don't need to do anything to get the latest version of Paddle.js — we serve the latest version automatically.

If you don't use Cancellation Flows, check out our guide to get started: Configure Cancellation Flows and salvage offers.

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