Paddle Billing

Prefill business names at checkout without passing an address

Prefill a business name at checkout, even if you haven't captured address information yet.

What's new?

We uncoupled from customer.address when opening a checkout using Paddle.js.

This means that you can pass a business name to a checkout, even if you don't have an address yet.

How it works

Businesses and addresses work together in Paddle.js. When including a complete business entity, Paddle Checkout requires an address to properly validate tax numbers and calculate taxes.

We had feedback that customers wanted to capture a business name upfront, then pass this to Paddle.js so it's prefilled when opening a checkout. Customers could then enter their address information as normal as part of checkout.

Previously, passing a business name in this case would cause Paddle.js to emit checkout.warning, dropping the name because an address wasn't supplied.

Now, you can pass a business name to Paddle.js without passing an address. The business name is prefilled at checkout, and included on documents sent from Paddle when checkout completes.

Next steps

This change is live in Paddle.js now, so you can start using it when you're ready.

You don't need to do anything to get the latest version of Paddle.js — we serve the latest version automatically.

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