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Paddle Billing

Prefill checkout properties

Prefill checkout fields to save customers time and increase checkout conversion. Create a one-page checkout by prefilling required fields.

You can prefill properties on a checkout for a smoother checkout experience for you customer. You might do this when:

  • You capture some information about a prospect on the page before they interact with your checkout
  • You've built an integration with a CRM solution that passes email or other information as parameters on signup links
  • You're working with a logged-in customer, presenting them with upgrade options

How it works

Paddle Checkout is optimized for conversion, presenting customers with two screens where they're asked for:

  • Email address
  • Country
  • Marketing consent (optional)
  • ZIP or postal code (only for some regions)
  • Payment details

Customers also have the option to add a discount and business information.

You can pass data to a checkout to prefill properties, reducing purchase friction for your customers and increasing conversion. You can prefill all data except payment information.

When all required fields on the first page of Paddle checkout are prefilled, customers land on a screen where all they need to do is enter their payment details.

Prefilling works with both overlay checkout and inline checkout. You can use HTML data attributes or JavaScript properties.

Before you begin

You'll need to include Paddle.js on your page and pass your seller ID and Retain API key.

To open a checkout, you'll need to create products and prices and pass them to a checkout.

Get a step-by-step overview of how to build a complete checkout — including passing checkout settings. See: Build an overlay checkout or build an inline checkout

Pass customer or business information

In this example, there's a signup button that includes an email address field. The page has a country selector.

Illustration showing a signup button with email address field.

You could use HTML attributes or JavaScript properties to prefill this information in checkout:

#DescriptionHTML attributeJavaScript property
2Email addressdata-customer-emailcustomer.email

Add data attributes to your checkout trigger to prefill those values on a checkout.

For a full list of fields you can prefill, see: HTML data attributes

Pass customer, address, and business IDs

Instead of passing customer email, address, and business information, you can pass an existing customer ID, address ID, or business ID.

You might do this if you're working with a logged-in customer who's looking to upgrade or purchase another subscription, or if you have a CRM integration that creates entities in Paddle for prospects.

Customer ID, address ID, and business ID replace other customer, address, and business fields. For example, you should pass either customer ID or customer email — not both.

Add data attributes to your checkout trigger to prefill those values on a checkout.

For a full list of fields that you can prefill, see: HTML data attributes

Apply a discount

You can pass a discount ID to a checkout to automatically apply it for your customers — no discount code needed.

enabled_for_checkout must be true against the discount entity to apply it to a checkout.

Add data attributes to your checkout trigger to prefill those values on a checkout.

See: HTML data attributes

Build a one-page checkout

When all required fields are prefilled, Paddle skips the first page of checkout. This means customers land on a screen where all they need to do is enter their payment details, making for a frictionless checkout experience.

Illustration of an overlay checkout. The payment method form is open, with buttons for Apple Pay and PayPal along with the card details form underneath. The items list shows one item for 'Professional plan', with tax and totals underneath. The total overall is $3600, displayed at the top-left of the checkout.

To build a one-page checkout, prefill either required properties or Paddle IDs:

DescriptionHTML attributeJavaScript property
Email addressdata-customer-emailcustomer.email
ZIP or postal code (only where required)data-customer-address-postal-codecustomer.address.postalCode

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