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Webhooks let you get notified when events happen in Paddle. They're also called notifications.

Webhooks let you subscribe to events in Paddle. When a subscribed event occurs, Paddle sends a notification to a webhook endpoint that includes a JSON payload with the updated entity.

Use webhooks to:

  • Manage access to features in your app depending on a customer's subscription status.
  • Sync information with other systems that your business uses, like a CRM or ERP solution.
  • Set up notifications or automations.

You can set up URLs to receive webhooks and the types of events you'd like to get from your Paddle dashboard under Developer Tools > Notifications. You may also set up notifications by email.

Get started

Create a notification destination to receive webhooks, handle webhook delivery, and verify signatures.

Explore events

Learn about key events that occur when working with Paddle Billing.

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Billing and subscriptions


Finance and admin

Handle provisioning for subscriptions

Check out our subscription lifecycle guides in the Build section to understand what happens for each part of the subscription lifecycle, including which events occur, recommended workflow, and fields that you may like to store or update.