Paddle Billing


Occurs when a transaction is updated.

Specific events occur for status changes. transaction.updated may also occur after a status change events to add additional fields to the transaction after Paddle has completed internal processing for a transaction.

For example, transaction.billed occurs when a transaction status changes to billed. transaction.updated occurs immediately after to add an invoice_number.


Unique Paddle ID for this event, prefixed with evt_.


Type of event sent by Paddle, in the format entity.event_type.


RFC 3339 datetime string of when this event occurred.


New or changed entity.


Unique Paddle ID for this transaction entity, prefixed with txn_.


Status of this transaction. You may set a transaction to billed or canceled, other statuses are set automatically by Paddle. Automatically-collected transactions may return completed if payment is captured successfully, or past_due if payment failed.

customer_idstring or null

Paddle ID of the customer that this transaction is for, prefixed with ctm_.

address_idstring or null

Paddle ID of the address that this transaction is for, prefixed with add_.

business_idstring or null

Paddle ID of the business that this transaction is for, prefixed with biz_.

custom_dataobject or null

Your own structured key-value data.


Supported three-letter ISO 4217 currency code. Must be USD, EUR, or GBP if collection_mode is manual.


Describes how this transaction was created.

subscription_idstring or null

Paddle ID of the subscription that this transaction is for, prefixed with sub_.

invoice_idstring or null

Paddle ID of the invoice that this transaction is related to, prefixed with inv_. Used for compatibility with the Paddle Invoice API, which is now deprecated. This field is scheduled to be removed in the next version of the Paddle API.

invoice_numberstring or null

Invoice number for this transaction. Automatically generated by Paddle when you mark a transaction as billed where collection_mode is manual.


How payment is collected for this transaction. automatic for checkout, manual for invoices.

discount_idstring or null

Paddle ID of the discount applied to this transaction, prefixed with dsc_.

billing_detailsobject or null

Details for invoicing. Required if collection_mode is manual.

billing_periodobject or null

Time period that this transaction is for. Set automatically by Paddle for subscription renewals to describe the period that charges are for.


List of items on this transaction. For calculated totals, use details.line_items.


Calculated totals for a transaction, including proration, discounts, tax, and currency conversion. Considered the source of truth for totals on a transaction.


List of payment attempts for this transaction, including successful payments. Sorted by created_at in descending order, so most recent attempts are returned first.

checkoutobject or null

Paddle Checkout details for this transaction. Returned for automatically-collected transactions and where billing_details.enable_checkout is true for manually-collected transactions; null otherwise.


RFC 3339 datetime string of when this entity was created. Set automatically by Paddle.


RFC 3339 datetime string of when this entity was updated. Set automatically by Paddle.

billed_atstring<date-time> or null

RFC 3339 datetime string of when this transaction was marked as billed. null for transactions that are not billed or completed. Set automatically by Paddle.


Unique Paddle ID for this notification, prefixed with ntf_.