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Paddle Billing

API reference

Use the Paddle API to create, read, and update information in your Paddle system.

The Paddle API is a REST API that lets you integrate Paddle into your app and work with the data in your Paddle system. It uses JSON formatted data for requests and responses.

Use the Paddle API to:

  • Create, read, and update all the information in your Paddle system.
  • Integrate Paddle with your app to build signup and other subscription management workflows.
  • Plug Paddle into other systems that your business uses, like CRM, ERP, or accounting solutions.

Base URL

The base URLs for the Paddle API are the same for all endpoints. The API version is specified a header in your API request rather than in the path.

There are different URLs for sandbox and live accounts:


Your sandbox account is for evaluation and testing. All transactions are tests, meaning transactions are simulated and any money isn't real.


Your live account is where you sell with Paddle. Transactions are real, meaning payment methods are charged and you earn real money.

All requests must be made over HTTPS. Any HTTP request will be automatically redirected.

Get started

Make your first request, set your version, and learn how success responses look.

Explore entities

Learn about the core entities in the Paddle API and how they relate to each other.

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