Paddle Billing


Customer entities hold information about the people and businesses that you sell to. They're related to addresses and businesses.

Customers are the people and businesses that you sell products in your catalog to.

Paddle automatically creates customers for you as part of the checkout, or you can create and manage them using the Dashboard or API.

Customer entities hold information like:

  • Who you're billing
  • What their email address is
  • Whether they've opted-in to marketing from you

Customers have two sub-entities:

  • Addresses, which hold information about customer billing addresses
  • Businesses, which hold information that you need when working with a business

Customers, addresses, and businesses work with checkouts, transactions, and subscriptions to bill for products and prices.

Learn how to create a complete customer with a related address and business. See: Work with customers

There's no delete operation for customers. Use the update a customer operation to archive customers when you no longer need them. See: Delete entities



Unique Paddle ID for this customer entity, prefixed with ctm_.

namestring or null

Full name of this customer. Required when creating transactions where collection_mode is manual (invoices).


Email address for this customer.


Whether this customer opted into marketing from you. Set to true by Paddle where a customer checks the marketing consent box when using Paddle Checkout; false otherwise.


Whether this entity can be used in Paddle.

custom_dataobject or null

Your own structured key-value data.


Valid IETF BCP 47 short form locale tag. If omitted, defaults to en.


RFC 3339 datetime string of when this entity was created. Set automatically by Paddle.


RFC 3339 datetime string of when this entity was updated. Set automatically by Paddle.

import_metaobject or null

Import information for this entity. null if this entity is not imported.

external_idstring or null

Reference or identifier for this entity from the solution where it was imported from.


Name of the platform where this entity was imported from.

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Update a customer
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