Paddle Billing

List credit balances for a customer

Returns a list of credit balances for each currency for a customer. Each balance has three totals:

  • available: total available to use.
  • reserved: total temporarily reserved for billed transactions.
  • used: total amount of credit used.

Credit is added to the available total initially. When used, it moves to the used total.

The reserved total is used when a credit balance is applied to a transaction that's marked as billed, like when working with an issued invoice. It's not available for other transactions at this point, but isn't considered used until the transaction is completed. If a billed transaction is canceled, any reserved credit moves back to available.

Credit balances are created automatically by Paddle when you take an action that results in Paddle creating a credit for a customer, like making prorated changes to a subscription. An empty data array is returned where a customer has no credit balances.

The response is not paginated.

Path Parameters


Paddle ID of the customer entity to work with.



Represents a credit balance for a customer.


Paddle ID of the customer that this credit balance is for, prefixed with ctm_.


Three-letter ISO 4217 currency code for this credit balance.


Totals for this credit balance. Where a customer has more than one subscription in this currency with a credit balance, includes totals for all subscriptions.


Information about this response.


Unique ID for the request relating to this response. Provide this when contacting Paddle support about a specific request.