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Notification settings

Notification settings entities describe subscriptions to events. They're also called notification destinations.

You can get notifications for events that happen in your Paddle system by creating notification destinations.

Notification destinations tell Paddle which events that you'd like to get notifications for and where to deliver those notifications.

Notification destination entities hold information like:

  • The kind of notification destination.
  • The webhook endpoint or email address for this destination.
  • The API version used for data payloads.
  • Which event types you'd like to get notifications for.

They also include a secret key that you can use to make sure that webhooks came from Paddle. Paddle generates this for you when you create a notification destination.

You can add as many destinations as you like, but only 10 may be active at once.

Get a step-by-step overview of how to create a notification destination using the API or the dashboard. See: Work with notification destinations



Unique Paddle ID for this notification setting, prefixed with ntfset_.


Short description for this notification destination. Shown in the Paddle web app.


Where notifications should be sent for this destination.


Webhook endpoint URL or email address.


Whether Paddle should try to deliver events to this notification destination.


API version that returned objects for events should conform to. Must be a valid version of the Paddle API. Cannot be a version older than your account default. Defaults to your account default if not included.


Whether potentially sensitive fields should be sent to this notification destination.


Represents an event type.


Type of event sent by Paddle, in the format entity.event_type.


Short description of this event type.


Group for this event type. Typically the entity that this event relates to.


List of API versions that this event type supports.


Webhook destination secret key, prefixed with pdl_ntfset_. Used for signature verification.

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