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Event entities describe something notable that happened in your Paddle system.

When something notable occurs in your system, Paddle creates an event entity with information about what happened. Events are created for actions regardless of how they happened — API request, dashboard, customer action, or system action like a subscription renewal.

Paddle creates events for event types. You can use the list event types operation to see what kind of things Paddle creates events for.

Event entities hold information like:

  • What kind of event happened
  • When it happened
  • The new or changed entity

Keep in mind that some actions might create multiple events. For example, resuming a subscription typically results in a subscription.resumed, tranasction.created, and other transaction events being created.

Events are related to notifications. You can create notification destinations to get notifications when events happen. See: Work with notification destinations



Unique Paddle ID for this event, prefixed with evt_.


Type of event sent by Paddle, in the format entity.event_type.


RFC 3339 datetime string of when this event occurred.


New or changed entity.

List events