Paddle Billing

Set up Paddle Retain

Set up Paddle Retain to start automatically reducing churn from payment failures. Get started in minutes with Paddle Billing, or integrate with other billing platforms.

Paddle Retain combines world-class subscription expertise with algorithms that use millions of data points to recover failed payments for you. Paddle Billing is fully integrated with Retain, meaning it automatically handles retention for you.

Set up in minutes with Paddle Billing, or integrate with other billing platforms.

Connect to your billing platform

Paddle Retain works with live data for your billing platform. This means you can't integrate or test with sandbox accounts.

If you use Paddle Billing, you can turn on Paddle Retain to handle payment recovery for you.

Paddle Billing automatically integrates with Paddle Retain, so you don't need to do anything to connect — just click the Paddle > Retain link to start setup.

Any team member with the admin, technical, or subscription KPIs roles in Paddle Billing can access Retain.

Once you've completed setup, you can configure advanced payment recovery features, Cancellation Flows, and Term Optimization.

Illustration showing the Paddle nav bar. You ca see options for: products, checkout, invoices, reports, business account, developer tools, subscription metrics, and Retain. The Retain option is highlighted.

Retain integrates with Paddle.js, so you don't need to include any additional scripts if you use Paddle Billing.

Complete setup checklist

Set up emails

    Emails sent from Paddle Retain are designed to look like they come from you or someone on your team.

  • Enter a sender name and email address for the email.

  • Enter a name and title for the signature, and upload a logo.

  • Click Save and continue when you're done.

Screenshot showing the email setup page in Paddle Retain. It has fields for from name, from email, signature name, and signature title.

Verify your Retain emails

    We use a service called Postmark to send emails on your behalf.

  • Click Send verification email.

  • Open your inbox, find the email from Postmark, and click the link to verify.

  • Click Confirm your email verification, then click Continue when you're done.

Screenshot showing the email verification screen in Paddle Retain. It has text that says: a verification email has been sent to your inbox. There is a button to confirm.

Install JavaScript snippets

    The Retain snippets power in-app payment recovery notifications and engagement tracking.

  • Follow the instructions to install the JavaScript snippets, or email instructions to an engineer on your team. Use Paddle Billing? Retain integrates with Paddle.js.

  • Once installed, enter the URL of a page where the snippet is installed and click Test. This should be a publicly accessible page that doesn't have any form of redirect. We recommend a homepage or landing page.

  • Click Continue when you're done.

Screenshot showing the Javascript snippet screen in Paddle Retain. It shows two boxes: Initialize Paddle.js and Retain yourself on one side, and Need help from you engineer on another side. There are instructions on how to install. At the bottom, is a test section with a check mark indicating that the test passed.

Wait for QA

  • You're done! A Retain specialist will review your setup and reach out if they spot any issues.

  • Click Let me explore to start exploring.

Screenshot saying You're ready for Retain! There is a chequered flag, like used in racing. There's a button that says: let me explore.

Configure payment recovery

Screenshot showing the Retain Control Center page. The payment recovery tab is open. There are toggles for: payment recovery emails, pre-payment failure notifications (unavailable), payment recovery notifications, payment recovery SMS, and tactical retries.

Now you're done, configure payment recovery using the Retain Control Center.

You can configure how Paddle Retain notifies customers about failed payments, turn on tactical retries, and choose what happens to past due subscriptions where the payment isn't recovered.

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