Paddle Billing

Cancel an invoice

Cancel an invoice if you created it in error. Canceled invoices remain on your system for record-keeping purposes.

If you've created an invoice in error, you can cancel it to say that it's no longer needed.

How it works

Invoices work using manually-collected transactions. These are transactions where the collection_mode is set to manual, which means Paddle sends an invoice that customers must pay manually.

Change the status of a manually-collected transaction to canceled to mark it as canceled.

When you cancel an invoice:

  • Its status changes to canceled.
  • It's no longer due, so customers don't need to pay it.
  • Checkout links against the transaction no longer work.
  • It doesn't count as revenue for your reporting.
  • You can't un-cancel it, or make any other changes to it.

You can cancel transactions that are billed (issued invoices) or ready. You can create adjustments for completed transactions to refund or credit them.

Related subscriptions aren't canceled when you cancel an invoice. You should cancel related subscriptions using the Paddle dashboard or the API.

See: Cancel related subscription (below)

Cancel an invoice

Send a PATCH request to the /transactions/{transaction_id} endpoint.


In your request body, include status and set to canceled.


If successful, Paddle responds with a copy of the updated transaction entity. The transaction status is canceled.

Cancel related subscription

Paddle automatically creates a subscription when you mark a manually-collected transaction as billed.

When you cancel an invoice, its related subscription is not automatically canceled. This means the subscription remains active, so your customer may still have access to your app. Paddle re-invoices for the subscription on renewal.

Cancel using the Paddle dashboard or API

Use the Paddle dashboard or API to cancel the related subscription after you have canceled the transaction.

See: Cancel a subscription

Subscribe to transaction.canceled

If you've subscribed to events for transaction.canceled, you'll get a notification that includes a data payload with the complete transaction entity.

Use the subscription_id against the transaction entity to send a request to cancel using the cancel a subscription operation.

Create an adjustment for a completed invoice

You can't cancel transactions that are completed, since this means your customer has paid the invoice. Instead, create an adjustment to refund or credit all or part of a completed invoice.


transaction.canceledOccurs when a transaction is canceled.

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