Paddle Billing

Wire transfer

Accept payments by wire transfer. No configuration required.

Wire transfers are a safe way for customers to send money from their bank account to pay for things. They're sometimes called bank transfers.

It's common for businesses to pay invoices by wire transfer, especially for larger value deals that might be above normal credit or debit card limits.

You don't need to open local bank accounts or spend time reconciling payments. Customers pay Paddle, then Paddle handles invoice reconciliation and payout.

PlatformsNot presented at checkout — invoice only
CurrenciesEUR, GBP, USD
One-time items

How it works

  1. Illustration showing an invoice from Paddle. It has a heading that says 'Invoice', followed by subheadings for 'Invoice to' and 'Invoice from.' Invoice items are represented by gray blocks.

    Invoice sent from Paddle

    When you issue an invoice using the Paddle web app or the API, Paddle sends it to your customer and any business contacts. It has an invoice number and is a legal document at this point.

  2. Illustration showing the bottom of an invoice from Paddle. It has a heading that says 'Pay via wire transfer', followed by a box that says 'Invoice reference.'

    Customer pays the invoice

    Wire transfer details are always included on invoices sent by Paddle. Customers make a payment using these details by the due date on the invoice.

  3. Abstract illustration showing a list of invoices. There are columns for reference, amount, and customer name. Invoices are represented by gray blocks. One row is called out, and there's an overlay that says 'Paid' with a total of $3600.

    Paddle receives payment and reconciles

    When Paddle receives payment, we automatically mark the invoice as paid and reconcile for you.

Accept wire transfers

Only invoices (manually-collected transactions) may be paid by wire transfer.

You don't need to do anything to accept payment by wire transfers. They're always enabled for invoices created from your Paddle account.

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