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Accept payments using Bancontact. No configuration required.

Bancontact is the most popular payment method in Belgium, with over 2 billion payments processed each year. All major banks in Belgium support Bancontact.

Customers pay using either a Bancontact-enabled card, or using a mobile app that's linked to their bank account.

You don't need to set up a bank account in Belgium to accept payments with Bancontact through Paddle.

Key features

One-time items

How it works

  1. Illustration showing a Paddle Checkout with a Bancontact button. A sample amount of €3600 is shown at the top.

    Customer chooses Bancontact

    Turn on Bancontact in a couple of clicks in your Paddle Dashboard. Paddle automatically presents Bancontact as a payment method for customers paying in a supported country and currency. Customers enter the full name against their Bancontact account.

  2. Illustration showing a Bancontact prompt. It shows €3600 at the top, followed by a QR code in the middle.

    Customer starts confirmation

    If the customer is checking out on a desktop, they're prompted to scan a QR code with their smartphone or enter their Bancontact card details. If they're on mobile, they're prompted to open their banking app.

  3. Illustration showing two smartphones. On the first smartphone, there is a QR code. On the second smartphone, there is a banking app confirmation screen.

    Customer confirms purchase

    Customer confirms purchase on their phone using their banking app. The exact process varies depending on the banking app the customer uses, but typically they'll enter their card PIN or authenticate using on-device biometrics.

  4. Illustration showing a Paddle Checkout success screen. It has a large green checkmark.

    Payment complete

    If successful, Paddle Checkout shows a success screen or enters your success workflow.

Accept Bancontact

  1. Go to Paddle > Checkout > Checkout settings.

  2. On the General tab, Check Bancontact.

  3. Click Save to apply.

Illustration showing the payment method checkboxes in the checkout settings screen in the Paddle web app.

Test Bancontact

You can test Bancontact using your Paddle sandbox account.

  1. Turn on Bancontact for your Paddle account.

  2. Open a checkout for a one-time item that's priced in EUR (euro).

  3. Pick Belgium as the country on the first screen of checkout, then enter an email address.

  4. Select Bancontact as the payment method, then enter a name.

  5. Click Pay and follow the prompts to complete purchase.

Paddle Checkout only presents Bancontact as a payment method for one-time items priced in euro, where the customer address is Belgium.

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