Paddle Billing


Create and send invoices for subscriptions, accepting payment by wire transfer or Paddle Checkout. No need to duplicate data.

Win larger value deals and enterprise business with invoices in Paddle. Your sales team can create and send invoices, giving your customers the option to pay by wire transfer as well as card, PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and other local payment methods.

Paddle automatically creates a subscription when you issue an invoice, ready for you to provision.

Illustration of an invoice from Paddle

How it works

Invoices are typically part of a sales-led growth billing motion. They're fully integrated with the rest of Paddle, so they share a product catalog and customers.

You can create a draft invoice in Paddle, or build an integration to automatically create draft invoices when you create a quotation in your CRM or ERP system.

As you scope out requirements with your customer, you can make changes to your invoice and its items.

Issue an invoice when you're happy with it to mark it as finalized. At this point, it gets an invoice number and becomes a financial record. Paddle automatically creates a subscription, ready for you to provision.

When your customer pays your invoice, Paddle handles reconciliation and marks it as paid.

Go live with invoices

  1. Sign up for Paddle

    Create your Paddle sandbox and live accounts, then complete initial setup.

  2. Create your product catalog

    Create your products and prices, including country-specific prices and discounts.

  3. Handle provisioning and subscription lifecycle events

    Paddle automatically creates a subscription when invoices are issued. Use webhooks or the event stream to provision your app, and handle other subscription lifecycle events like upgrades, downgrades, and cancellations.

  4. Start selling!

    You're ready to start creating and issuing invoices with Paddle.

Hybrid billing

With Paddle, you can conquer upmarket and downmarket — all from the same integrated platform.

  • Empower product-led growth

    Offer entry-level plans and let customers signup for your app using Paddle Checkout.

  • Easy upsells

    Present customers who pay by invoice with a checkout for smaller charges, like adding users or modules mid-cycle.

  • Scale with your customers

    Meet the needs of growing customers by transitioning customers who pay using Paddle Checkout to billing by invoice.

Next steps