Paddle Billing

Inline checkout

Inline checkout lets you create integrated checkout experiences. You display information about items and totals, letting Paddle take care of customer and payment processing.

Get complete control of the checkout experience by using inline checkout. Customers signup and pay for subscriptions as part of your app or website, making for a seamless experience that feels all yours.

Using inline checkout, you can:

  • Create checkout experiences that are fully integrated with your app or website.
  • Let Paddle securely capture customer and payment information in an optimized checkout frame.
  • Display items, totals, and other information from Paddle on your page.
  • Use Paddle.js methods and events to build advanced checkout experiences.

How it works

Inline checkout works by embedding a frame with Paddle checkout into your website or app.

The checkout frame handles collecting customer information and taking payment. Your page displays the items list, totals, and options for changing what's on the checkout. Paddle.js lets your page and the checkout frame interact with each other.

Paddle automatically creates a subscription when a checkout completes, ready for you to provision.

Customer journey

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