Paddle Billing

Payment methods

Turn on new payment methods in a couple of clicks. No need to sign up for multiple merchant accounts or partner with different platforms.

How it works

You can turn payment methods on or off in Paddle > Checkout > Checkout settings.

Cards are always turned on for checkouts. Other payment options presented to your customer depend on the transaction currency, location of your customer, and device used to purchase. For example:

  • iDEAL is only presented to customers in the Netherlands for transactions in euro.
  • Apple Pay is only presented when customers are using a compatible Apple device or browser.
  • PayPal is only presented when making a purchase in a currency that PayPal supports.

Paddle automatically determines which payment methods to show to your customer, so you don't need to handle this yourself.

Wire transfers are always turned on for invoices, though you may also choose to add a Paddle Checkout link to invoices to let customers pay using another payment method.

Supported payment methods

Illustration showing payment method logos supported by Paddle. From left to right: card, wire transfer, PayPal, Google Pay, Apple Pay, iDEAL, Bancontact, and Alipay.

Compare payment methods

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