Paddle Billing

Paddle.js events

Paddle.js emits events as part of the checkout journey. Use events to update elements in your frontend for inline checkout, or for analytics purposes.

As your customer moves through the checkout, Paddle.js emits events for key actions like:

  • When the checkout is opened, closed, or completed
  • When customer information is added, updated, or removed
  • When items are added, removed, or updated
  • When payments are attempted and outcomes of payment attempts
  • When discounts are added or removed

You can pass an eventCallback parameter as part of the Paddle.Initialize() method to trigger behaviors based on customer interactions with your checkout. You'll typically use this to show and update on-page information when building an inline checkout.



Name of this event, in the format entity.event_type.


Event payload.


Unique Paddle ID for this checkout, prefixed with che_.


Unique Paddle ID for the transaction related to this checkout, prefixed with txn_.


Status of this checkout.

custom_dataobject or null

Key-value pairs of custom data. Must be valid JSON and contain at least one key.


Supported three-letter ISO 4217 currency code for this checkout.


Information about the customer on this checkout.


Items to bill for.


Financial breakdown of the total for this checkout, calculated by Paddle.


Financial breakdown of the recurring total for this checkout, calculated by Paddle. Only included where there are recurring items.


Information about the payment details used on this checkout.


Checkout settings.

discountobject or null

Information about the discount applied to this checkout. Only included when a discount is applied.

List of events

Event nameDetails
checkout.loadedCheckout created and loaded on the page.
checkout.closedCheckout closed on the page.
checkout.completedCheckout completed successfully.
checkout.items.updatedItem updated on the checkout. For example, a quantity change.
checkout.items.removedItem removed from the checkout.
checkout.customer.createdCustomer created.
checkout.customer.updatedCustomer information updated. This includes business and address information.
checkout.customer.removedCustomer removed from the checkout, e.g. they logged out.
checkout.payment.selectedPayment method selected.
checkout.payment.initiatedCustomer attempted payment using the selected payment method.
checkout.payment.failedPayment attempt failed. applied to the checkout. removed from the checkout.
checkout.warningWarning occurred on the checkout.
checkout.errorError occurred on the checkout.

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