Paddle Billing


Updates values passed to Paddle.js during initialization.

Use Paddle.Update() to update values sent to Paddle.js during initialization. This is typically used when working with single page applications to pass an updated customer to pwCustomer when a customer is identified.

You must call Paddle.Initalize() before calling Paddle.Update(). Use the Paddle.Initialized flag to determine whether you need to call Paddle.Initialize() or Paddle.Update().


pwCustomerobject or null

Identifier for a logged-in customer for Paddle Retain. Pass either id or email, or an empty object if you don't have a logged-in customer. Paddle Retain is only loaded for live accounts.

idstring or null

Paddle ID for a customer entity in Paddle. Do not pass a subscription ID.

emailstring<email> or null

Email address related to a customer entity in Paddle.

eventCallback(event: EventData) => void or null

Function to call for Paddle.js events.


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