Paddle Billing


Demos Paddle Retain functionality.

Use Paddle.Retain.demo() to demo Paddle Retain functionality.

Typically used by typing Paddle.Retain.demo({feature: 'featureName') directly into the browser console. You can simulate payment recovery and dunning, Cancellation Flows, and Term Optimization.

Only available for live accounts. Paddle Retain works with live data only, meaning this method is only available for live accounts. Paddle Retain is not loaded at all for sandbox accounts.

This method is for Paddle Billing only. If you use Paddle Retain with another billing platform, use the profitwell method in the Profitwell.js snippet instead. See: Test Paddle Retain



Paddle Retain feature to simulate. Features use sample data.


This example simulates a cancellation flow:

Type this directly into your browser console to demo Retain Cancellation Flows.

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