Paddle Billing

Get all notifications for a customer, subscription, or transaction

Find all notifications that relate to a customer, subscription, or transaction entity, and filter notifications by date period.

What's new?

We added new query parameters that you can use when working with the list notifications operation to filter returned entities.

How it works

The new from and to query parameters let you filter notifications by date. For example, you can use them to return notifications that happened in the last day, week, or another period.

The new filter query parameter lets you filter notifications that relate to transactions, subscriptions, or customers using their relevant Paddle IDs. For example, you can find all notifications that relate to a particular customer. This isn't just limited to notifications for customer events, it includes notifications for any events that relate to that customer — including subscriptions or transactions for them.


Next steps

This change is available in version 1 of the Paddle API.

It's a non-breaking change, meaning it doesn't impact existing integrations.

You can list notifications using the API to start using the new query parameters.

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