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Paddle Billing

Filter to see recurring and one-time prices

Filter to see recurring or one-time prices when using the list prices operation.

What's new?

We added new recurring query parameter that you can use when working with the list prices operation to return either recurring prices or one-time prices.

How it works

The new recurring query parameter lets you filter prices to see only recurring prices or only one-time prices.

  • Recurring prices are those where the billing_period is an object with details about how often the price should be billed.
  • One-time prices are those where the billing_period is null.

You can use this when working with subscription items to determine which operation to use:

Next steps

This change is available in version 1 of the Paddle API.

It's a non-breaking change, meaning it doesn't impact existing integrations.

You can list prices using the API to start using the new recurring parameter.

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