Paddle Billing

PHP and Node.js SDKs are now v1

You can use our PHP or Node.js SDKs to streamline integrating with Paddle Billing. We released major version 1, which means breaking changes result in a new version.

What's new?

Last month, we released official PHP and Node.js SDKs for Paddle Billing. We released version 1.0.0 of both of our SDKs, which means they're ready to rely on with no further breaking changes as part of this version.

How it works

SDKs make it easier to work with the Paddle Billing platform. They reduce the amount of boilerplate code you need to write and include helper functions to make it quicker and easier to integrate Paddle Billing.

We use semantic versioning for our SDKs. We released our PHP and Node.js SDKs as major version zero (0.y.z) initially. While we were confident they were stable, we wanted to get feedback from our developer community before locking in version 1.

Since launch, we made a bunch of quality-of-life improvements and fixes to our SDKs, and even landed a few PRs from folks in the community who contributed.

Today, we released version 1.0.0 of our PHP and Node.js SDKs for Paddle Billing. This means that they're ready to rely on, with a guarantee that there's no further breaking changes as part of this version.

Next steps

This change is available now.

There are no changes to endpoints or fields in the API as a result of this change.

New to our SDKs?

Go to our SDKs and tools page to get started with our PHP or Node.js SDKs.

Upgrading from v0

To get the latest version, update using your package or dependency manager, or pull the latest version on GitHub.

You may need to make changes to your integration to use the latest version. We maintain a summary of changes and information on how to upgrade in the file at the root of each repo on GitHub.

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